SevendustAll I See Is War

Rise Records
11 May 2018
New directions

All I See Is War is the twelfth album from American alt-metal group Sevendust, and an intriguing follow-up to their Grammy-nominated 2015 release Kill The Flaw. Overall, it is a polished-up version of the familiar Sevendust heavy groove-driven sound, with a few smoother moments.

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The opening and early tracks of All I See Is War from Dirty through to Sickness, are cut from pretty much standard Sevendust cloth. The midsection of All I See Is War is a highlight, with Risen and Moments showcasing how diverse and perfect for each track Lajon Witherspoon’s vocal work can be. There is no drastic innovation for the most part. That said, working with new producer Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette has revitalised the classic Sevendust sound, and it is fuller and cleaner than previously. The exception lies in the heavy ballad-style lament Not Original, which sits a bit awkwardly amongst the thicker, bouncier sounds of Moments and Descend, but is an intriguing suggestion of Sevendust’s multidimensional capabilities.

While it offers some intriguing glimpses into new directions, All I See Is War is still the Sevendust we all know. As if to reassure us of this, the album ends with The Truth. Its funky yet heavy, angry yet vulnerable … the reasons why Sevendust continue to resonate with an ever-widening audience.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Risen, Moments, The Truth
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All I See Is War is out now via Rise Records

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