SETTLE YOUR SCORES // Better Luck Tomorrow

Dynamic, fun, sonically cutthroat and an all-round party banger—just a few words to describe Better Luck Tomorrow, the sensational new album from punk rock aficionados Settle Your Scores.

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It’s a throwback to the zesty vibes of the genre as they were in the noughties, with an ingenious element of industrial hardcore thrown in the mix. You wouldn’t have thought beatdowns and gang chorales could work in a punk setting, but it’s something Settle Your Scores does really, really well. Better Luck Tomorrow brings luck today for Settle Your Scores, who fix up to sound sharp.

Sick yet subtle industrial guitar runs are paired well with gritty vocals in standout track Zero Hour, elements of each genre stepping into the spotlight in turn. Screamo vox verses, punk-rock choruses–epic. Sure, the word punk is getting thrown around a lot here but Settle Your Scores, with their unified attitude, melodic fun and recalcitrant tone, should just have their image inserted into the English dictionary by way of definition of the word!

Better Luck Tomorrow is a lucky dip of sonic surprises with every track, never failing to bring the listener to attention. It’s an album of unconstitutional attitude and pestilent punk.

STANDOUT TRACKS: On The Count Of Three, Growing Pains – Throwing Blame, Off/On
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