Regionals Hysteria

RegionalsSentimental Health

2 November, 2018
Regionals Hysteria
Well Crafted

Despite the Internet unleashing the floodgates for many indie bands to release their music on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms, Australian independent music is a growing market and every year Triple J Unearthed exposes to the masses many exciting up and coming bands.

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Sydney outfit Regionals only formed 18 months ago and have already had their music played on Triple J’s whilst releasing a debut six track E.P titled Sentimental Health. It is music inspired by 90’s era emo, punk and indie rock and was recorded at the Brain Studios this year with producer Clayton Segelov and mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns in the U.K.

Sentimental Health is an outpour of emotions backed up by solid songwriting and tight musicianship.

Sentimental Health is an outpour of emotions backed up by solid songwriting and tight musicianship. Melancholic lyrics such as “I’m moving away from what I want” are introduced on songs like Fears for Spears whilst Gatorade Saxophone’s catchy guitar riff is a stand out track on Sentimental Health. The majority of the songs start with fragile guitar playing, using the instrument for ambient textures or arpeggios before getting the rest of the band to come in and build on what the guitarist is doing.

Regionals have crafted six songs that live up to the E.P’s title, there isn’t really anything at fault in how the music is executed or played and its sadness isn’t overwhelming or tries to dampen the mood. This is just the beginning for the five piece and it’s already a positive statement for listeners of heartbroken tunes, it’s well worth giving them a listen on your drive to work or train ride home.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Fears for Spears, T2, Gatorade Saxophone
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