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PROGFEST 2019 // Drops Huge Second Line Up Announcement

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in style, Progfest has dropped a full second line up announcement alongside some key dates for sideshows.

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Following the reveal of headliners The Ocean, Monuments and Sky Harbour, Progfest has scored a number of progressive bands covering all genres that fans can really sink their teeth into (figuratively).

Among many joining the headline acts are Australian progressive-metal bands Circles from Melbourne and Chaos Divine from Perth. Sydney’s Glass Ocean, a more ambient-progressive exploration of music, is also joining the fray, showcasing a range of talent from Australia’s own shores

Highlighting bands that dare to go against the grain and turn away from the latest trends, Progfest 2019 will give music fans a taste of talent with depth and vision. Both The Ocean and Monuments will be touring beyond Progfest, with dates in Adelaide, Perth, Wellington and Auckland while fans of The Ocean can also catch them in Christchurch.

The Ocean will play to Perth on 24th January, Adelaide on 25th, Wellington on 31st and Christchurch and Auckland on 1st and 2nd of February respectively.

Monuments will begin in Wellington on January 23rd before playing Auckland on 24th before finishing in Adelaide and Perth on 29th and 30th.

The full line up announcement includes The Ocean, Monuments, Sky Harbour, Circles, Chaos Divine, City of Souls, Toehider, James Norbert Ivanyi, Glass Ocean and Opus Of A Machine.

Each date of Progfest has added bands with Melbourne experiencing the talent of Bear the Mammoth, Transience, Mushroom Giant, Figures, Khan, Ebonivory, The Valley Ends, Red Lotus, Modal1ty and Neo Relic.

Sydney will welcome Lo!, Hemina, Red Bee, Anubis, Seims, SNVFF, Hashshashin, Sevsons, Shanghai and Numidia.

Brisbane goers will be able to catch Aerials, Kodiak Empire, Hazards of Swimming Naked, Magenta Voyeur, Flynn Effect, Mass Sky Raid, Sum of Us, The Stranger, Therein and Seraphic.

Hitting Australia in January next year, Progfest comes to Melbourne on Saturday 26th, Sydney on Sunday 27th and Brisbane on Monday 28th.

Tickets available here.

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