PREMIERE: DRIVEN FEAR // Release New Single ‘Rhythm Sense’

Queensland’s Driven Fear have been around longer than some kids who’ve started high school. Constantly on the grind, they’re back with a fresh batch of tracks to follow up 2016’s Freethinker.

Recorded at Core Studios with Nik Carpenter on the Gold Coast, Rhythm Sense is a fast and punchy track to introduce fans and newcomers to their collection of one-off singles set to be released in 2018.

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Moving away from the claustrophobic confines of the typical abandoned warehouse, Driven Fear wanted to make the clip personal. Filmed by Colin Jeffs Media, each location serves as a place that’s been a part of their lives at some point or another. Vocalist Tim Hyde says of their exhausting schedule: “We shot at six or seven various locations. We started at the top of Mt Tambourine around 5am, and finished around 5pm. It was a real team effort to unload set up and load the Vans at every stop. From Tambo, to the cane fields, to our old stomping ground at Beenleigh Skate Park and pretty well everywhere in between. It was a mission but it was such a fun time making this clip. I think the clip communicates well that a lot of time has passed for Driven Fear, our lives have changed, but we continue to come back together and do what we love.”

The clip’s ending is undoubtedly the most impressive effort in Driven Fear’s new visuals. With their bassist coming up with the idea, Hyde says it’s all about tying the theme of longevity and standing together. But the inspiration for the track’s concept came much earlier. “I wrote the lyrics sitting in the botanical gardens in Melbourne, and this influenced the writing. The initial thought we had was for the track to be about how hardcore/punk music has helped us all mentally over the years, and kept us together as friends and musicians. And without that way to vent, I think we all feel a little lost in this place. But sitting there closing my eyes and listening I came to realise that we all have another sense that goes somewhat unrecognised: a rhythm sense. It’s best explained in the line from the song, ‘Harmonies run through my body/just like the hum of a wire charged/carrying priceless souls to the rhythmic beat of the tracks at their feet underneath.’

I think I have always been aware of what we are calling our Rhythm Sense, my earliest memory of this is funnily enough mowing the lawn with my brother Chris (who also serves as guitar and vocals) and both of us messing around and harmonising to the bass tone of the mower. Throughout my life I’ve caught myself making songs created from everyday life. Whether it’s walking to a certain beat on a gravel path, or even in the car making beats to the sound of the indicator. As I said previously there is music in everything and it’s just being aware of it. Rhythm Sense explores the relationship between our lives and the continuous rhythm that flows throughout them. There’s a constant subliminally guiding us all: you just have to tune in.”

Download Rhythm Sense here and stream on Spotify here.

Driven Fear support Good Riddance (USA) with Fake News at Crowbar Brisbane on Friday April 20, tickets here.

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