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PREMIERE: 23/19 // Drop New Single ‘Headcase’ Featuring Jack Bergin Of Void Of Vision

This is not a drill. Turning up the heat for their upcoming tour at the end of this week, 23/19 have dropped the second single from their two-single release Two More Reasons To Hate Us.

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Following the release of their first single Thousand Eyes (Restrict), which found a lot of love on air and from fans, Adelaide’s 23/19 aren’t backing down any time soon, with Headcase completing the twin singles from Two More Reasons To Hate Us, available Friday November 16th.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Nathan Stuckey said “This song (Headcase) is about a toxic housemate and how living and dealing with someone you don’t get along with can ruin a household.”

Featuring some outside talent from Jack Bergin of Void of Vision, Headcase immediately gets the blood pumping in a manner that makes you want to throw up those horns and jump. If this is any indication of how the band will be live over the next couple of weeks of their tour, it’s safe to say fans of the hardcore genre that 23/19 pumps out will have their hunger sated. It’s good to see and hear the hardcore genre isn’t being left in the ditch, there’s still plenty of bands out there with the deep growls and heavy breakdowns that leave your ears ringing and wanting more.

Loud, brutal and unapologetically angry, Headcase and 23/19’s earlier release for Two More Reasons To Hate Us provide material that sits alongside previous songs as examples of how Australian heavy music is here to stay.

A relatable song, a kickass track and enough mosh pit material to keep the crowd moving all work in favour of 23/19 as they continue to build a reputation among some the best hardcore acts in Australia such as Polaris, Make Them Suffer,Alpha Wolf, Dregg, and more.

Pre-order Two More Reasons To Hate Us here.

The release date of Two More Reasons To Hate Us not-so-coincidentally coincides with the beginning of 23/19’s tour of the same name. Kicking off in their hometown Adelaide alongside fellow Adelaide band Mauvais, 23/19 will tour the country, heading to Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney and Central Coast before finishing up in Brisbane.  

“We can’t wait to get back on the road and sink bevs and punch darts in some places we’ve never played before.”

Any chance to see one of Australia’s growing hardcore bands live shouldn’t be passed up, especially when you want to keep it metal, heavy and, above all, loud.

23/19 Two More Reasons To Hate Tour with special guests Mauvais dates:

Fri 16 November // Enigma Bar // Adelaide (18+)
Sun 18 November // Bendigo Hotel // Melbourne (18+)
Thu 22 November // Kavova Lounge // Ballerat (18+)
Fri 23 November // Chatswood Youth // Sydney (AA)
Sat 24 November // ECP Studios // Central Coast (AA)
Sun 25 November // Crowbar // Brisbane (18+)

Tickets available here.

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