FRANK IERO // at Eureka Rebellion Trading

Frank Iero can’t get enough of Australia—he’s back this October with FRNKIERO ANDTHE PATIENCE for a string of all ages live shows.

Former My Chemical Romance guitarist and head of FRNKIERO ANDTHE CELLARBRATION, Iero was last here in the aftermath of Soundwave Festival 2016’s cancellation as a thanks to fans for their support. He caused a sensation at his two acoustic meet-and-greet performances, overwhelmed by the number of fans. “I’m honestly still speechless over the response we had when we played in January. I was really bummed when Soundwave got cancelled, so to have been able to come to Australia anyway and do it on our terms to such an overwhelming response was beyond a dream come true. It was amazing.”

WATCH: Our full Frank Iero documentary above at Eureka Rebellion Trading, thanks to Brightside Film.

Frank is taking the band out to Australia for the first time, and fans will experience Stomachaches live, plus songs from the forthcoming second record.

“I really can’t wait. I’ve been looking forward to this for two years. When Stomachaches first came out one of the places I really wanted to bring the band to, was Australia. And now we finally get to make it our first stop with a new record on the way. I truly couldn’t be happier.”

Joining the band is special guest and fellow punk rocker Walter Schreifels, a founding member and principal songwriter for Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand and Rival Schools.



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