Night Of The Living Shred

NIGHT OF THE LIVING SHRED // A Gathering Of Australia’s Bloodthirstiest Metal

Halloween may have come and gone, but the lust for blood and harrowing screams of Australia’s horror metal elite will never die! Following the success of this year’s inaugural Halloween Hysteria festival, the ghosts with the most are rising from the grave to bring Brisbane punters another full day of metal. Ten bands, one stage, no clashes, plenty of beer and more mind-melting mosh pits than you can hurl a pint of fake blood at … we welcome you all to the Night Of The Living Shred!

The ten-band bill features some of Australia’s finest metal at the moment and with guest DJs filling in the blanks, Night Of The Living Shred will make punters scream en masse (in a good way) on Saturday February 9th, 2019 at The Brightside in Brisbane. The action kicks off at 2.00pm, with jams pumping nonstop ’til midnight. Young Henrys will also be providing the mid-mosh refreshments, with plenty of crisp, cold brews on tap. Take it from us: the only thing colder than Michael Myers’ soul is Young Henry’s pale ale.

Leading the bill are Australia’s most controversial (as all the best bands are) satirical horror metal band, Whoretopsy. Fresh off the release of their gristly third album, Take My Breath Away, the Melbourne boys are in full-on chaos mode for 2019. They’re gearing up to deliver some of the sickest and slickest sets that Australian stages have ever seen. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll make you hope your boss can’t see you belting along to all their lyrics. Most of all, they’ll make you wanna lose your goddamn mind in the pit. Get amongst it.

We haven’t been to Brisbane for a while, so we’re definitely going to step it up—our arrival was delayed a bit, so I think we’re just going to try and fit more and more energy into it. We’ve got a lot of friends there, so we’re looking forward to catching up with everyone and hanging out. We don’t take things too seriously and we like to have a laugh, and y’know, just go spastic in the crowd. I reckon it’ll make for a wild night!” Jake Sproule, drummer for Whoretopsy.

We don’t take things too seriously and we like to have a laugh, and y’know, just go spastic in the crowd. I reckon it’ll make for a wild night!
[ Jake, Whoretopsy ]

Going head to head with Whoretopsy are co-headliners A Night In Texas. If there’s one band that’s managed to hook the world on their thick and fiery deathcore disarray more than any other out there, it’s these local legends. Since spitting out their first riffs in 2009, the quintet have clawed tooth and nail through the ranks and with albums like last year’s Global Slaughter only proving that Australians truly are the most crazy people on the planet.

With a new album on the horizon, Brisbane horror-metal band Darkcell are ready to make 2019 their own with a cataclysmic onslaught of crunchy guitars, spine-tingling electronics and murderous bellows. Noted for their awesome live shows, the four-piece can be easily identified by their black metal-inspired make-up, whipping dreads, and a fierce affliction for all things horror. Just make sure you stock up on deodorant: you will get sweaty in their mosh.

“Darkcell cannot WAIT to start 2019 off with a bang! Our new album is what we believe to be an absolute game changer and will surprise many with its depth and layers of intensity and groove. Teaming up with killer bands and bringing the evil to this wild event will be a most excellent time for all,” says Jesse Dracman, vocalist for Darkcell.

Gold Coast shredders I Shall Devour have spent 2018 kicking goals left, right and centre, and come February, they’ll be smashing out their merciless metal jams louder than ever. Their debut album is The Misanthropist: aptly titled, it’s not something most of humankind could possibly understand. But therein lies its charm—this is some next-level shit, and you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Unless you spent 2018 living under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard the name Zeolite being thrown around in the past year. Since the landmark release of their self-titled debut, the five-piece Melbourne metallers have racked up support slots for such A-list names as Northlane, Chelsea Grin, Ne Obliviscaris, and The Black Dahlia Murder—and for good reason. Their second record is Sermones Mortis, and the live shows that have followed have been nothing short of destructive. Pray The Brightside survives their takeover at NOTLS!

Straight outta Sydney, Wraith are breathing new life into heavy music with their unremitting blend of hardcore, metalcore and death metal. It’s hard to believe they only got together in 2017: their debut EP, The Pale Hollow, features the kind of grade-A production and ripping performances you’d expect from a band with decades of experience behind them. And their recent cover of (sic) by Slipknot … Hell hath no fury.

You’d be hard pressed to find a band quite like Dyssidia. Making waves that soar far outside their hometown of Adelaide, the prog-metal outfit belly up a blend of rich, captivating melodies and absolute guttural destruction—you’ll find just as much to thrash your head to in their set as you will to swoon over. With their fourth record right around the corner, punters can expect a dynamic spread of genius as virtuosic as it is violent.

Slayer Hysteria

Crave Death leave little to the imagination: they’re a savage set of shred-heads from Brisbane with vocals that cut as deep as their lyrical content. Defined by their brutal, crunching breakdowns and sepulchral gravitas, the up-and-comers have their sights set on making 2019 the year they leave no soul un-ravaged. The five-piece also have new music to show off following their standout 2016 release, The Demonstration, and we can’t wait to hear it.

As technical as they are terrific (see: extremely), melodic death metal kids Freedom Of Fear are an Adelaide band with the world on their shoulders. The band have trucked through their fair share of lineup changes since their 2015 upstart, but tightened evermore with five of the country’s best and most unforgivingly heavy players, Freedom Of Fear are in their strongest form to date. 2019 will see them make a break for the big leagues, and it all starts at Night Of The Living Shred.

“This is our first time playing in Brisbane and we’re all very excited to see what The Brightside is all about. I’m also stoked with all the bands on the line-up—it’s sure to be a great night! We’ll be playing new songs from our upcoming release—expect a high energy blend of tech and progressive death metal with lots of tasty mosh riffs!” Jade Monserrat, vocalist for Freedom Of Fear.

Last but certainly not least, rounding out the lineup are newcomers, the Gold Coast death metal band Puncture Wound. The title and cover art for their debut EP, Brutal Butchery Of Bargain Basement Bodies, certainly isn’t for the faint of heart or lame of tongue—this is pure, no-fucks-given brutality, served ice cold with riffs so callous they’d leave Charles Manson crying for a hug. Catch them in the pit … If you dare.

Hysteria and Young Henrys present
starring …

A Night In Texas
I Shall Devour
Crave Death
Freedom Of Fear
Puncture Wound

Saturday 9th February, 2019
The Brightside, Brisbane
18+ event

Tickets on sale now at Eventbrite

Night Of The Living Shred

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