MaverickState Of Mind

Dogfight Records
16 March, 2018
Devilish melodies

Sydney punk-rockers Maverick run amok with their debut EP State Of Mind, a state of sound that’s refreshingly welcome and wonderfully fiendish. Punk-rock with hardcore undertones, it’s difficult to discern much of the underlying narrative to this release on the first listen, but see it out–penetrate that first layer and you’ll discover your new favourite Aussie punks.

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Vocalist Marty Rowney has a truth about him not often heard in a band like this. His lyrics are harsh and forward, his vocals as raw as you can imagine, and all his passion and fury falls along the top of some violently melodic guitar runs.

Attitude, passion, craftsmanship, State Of Mind is the total package.

Here at Hysteria, we generally make a note of the three tracks that stand out in any given release–this release, however, proved to have more than three standouts. It’s the entire EP that sticks out like a sore thumb. Each track needs to be heard, dissected and loved. Attitude, passion, craftsmanship, State Of Mind is the total package. The gritty production is endearing to the sound, elevating those nonchalant attitudes and devilish melodies.

One thing’s for certain; Maverick will cut you to the bone with their relentless realness.

STAND OUT TRACKS: 10 Seconds, Crimson King, Resolve
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