16 February, 2018
Is it 2018?

2008 was a strong year for metalcore. Lycanthrope think so too because their debut record Chapters could’ve come straight from it.

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A little bitta juicy bass on Skin & Bones does give some flavour to the record. But these lads have listened to a few Killswitch Engage/Trivium/All That Remains records in their time. The influences are plain to see as we’ve already heard this record before. The scene have moved past this and onto other metalcore acts that are offering something different, whether it be an image they can cling to (Alpha Wolf) or an international act that’s built a fiercely loyal following with anthemic choruses (While She Sleeps). When metalcore finally has its resurgency this record may find itself passable.

But when legacy acts like Miss May I are still putting out records that tackle this sound and find a way to make it different, the echoing bleghs in Like A Ghost sound like a band trying to replicate the past. Follow My Name’s mix of acoustic and rock is the strongest effort of the record but it’s not enough to show off anything new about Lycanthrope. There’s a quote from Con Air for gods sake. Anyone who’s listening to this record probably hasn’t even seen the movie, let alone question why it’s on the record. Metalcore to have in the background, but not worth breaking your fist in a mosh pit to.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Follow My Name, Wings, Gambit
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Trivium, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage

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