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LIVE: MOM JEANS // Taking Over The World One Sweet Tooth At A Time

Mom Jeans, Microwave, Totty
Factory Theatre, Sydney
Friday 10th March, 2023

After last being in the country in 2020 before a few years that we prefer not to talk about, Mom Jeans finally blessed the masses on Friday with their return to Sydney on their Sweet Tooth World Tour. Bringing fan favorites Microwave out to Australia for the first time, and Wollongong local legends Totty to open.

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Walking into the Factory Theatre early there was a real buzz brewing around the large crowd that showed up early. Totty took full advantage of this and hit the stage with a bang, getting the crowd dancing early as they showcased how good indie rock is in Australia. The crowd loved their banter, and the inclusion of a cover in Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott had the crowd singing along as if they were playing a headline set.

Their 30-minute set was exactly what you wanted in an opener, fun and got the people moving. We can’t wait to see them again.

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After a short break in between bands, you could feel the anticipation building among the crowd for Microwave’s first show in Sydney.

The Atlanta indie punk rockers hit the stage with thunderous cheers from the crowd; you just knew something special was about to happen. They opened with a deep cut from their split with Head North, But Not Often, and then followed up with crowd favorite Lighterless. The crowd brought the energy, and Microwave gave it back.

Lead vocalist Nathan Hardy wore his heart on his sleeve all night, and you could hear it with every scream. Their set was perfectly balanced across all their music from their 9 years as a band, and hit us with their softer, heart wrenching ballads to then their hard and fast mosh pit bangers. After showcasing a new song mid-set that brought all the emotion and raw energy fans have come to expect from a Microwave song, the band finished (to no surprise) with Vomit.

There was a real happiness in the room as the crowd let out all their energy and emotion towards the band, and as the crowd surfers were pushed to the front there was a real sense of awe in the room with just how good this band is. We can’t wait for them to come back to Australia again.

microwave hysteria

microwave hysteria

microwave hysteria

Finally, it was time for the main event. And as Mom Jeans made their way to the stage to do a final sound check, the crowd erupted as if they were at a Harry Styles concert.

The Californian-based, mid-west emo inspired indie pop punk quartet kicked things off with a track that was a sure fire to get the crowd up and about (if they weren’t already). Scott Pilgrim Vs. My Gpa from their revered debut album Best Buds. The textbook Mom Jeans track, opened with soft vocals that built to some of the loudest crowd participation on the night. The trombone live on stage during this track was a nice touch that added to the theatre of a Mom Jeans show. We were indeed in for a wild ride.

The band were quick to let the crowd know how much they loved Sydney and reminded everyone that they chose to have the Sydney Harbor in the background of their album art for their latest album, Sweet Tooth. If the crowd wasn’t amped up enough already, they were now, and Mom Jeans took full advantage of this.

Through slow dancing on stage to *Sobs Quietly* to jumping around manically during Something Sweet, Mom Jeans showed us why they are so loved by their fan base and are seen as one of the most fun bands in the genre.

After they ended their set with Edward 40hands there was no time before the encore chants started and the lead vocalist and guitarist Eric Butler left the crowd with a solo rendition of Vape Nation. A wholesome way to end the show with a heartfelt sing along.

Behind their quirky song titles and their trademark mid-west guitar riffs, there is an abundance of emotion and energy in these songs that was out in full force during this (17 song, huge!) show and is one that we won’t forget for a long time.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold-out Brisbane show you are in for a treat, and if you are in Melbourne and don’t have a ticket to their show on Sunday night do yourself a favour and get on it! Mom Jeans have left a huge impression on us, and we can’t wait to see what barriers they break next.

mom jeans hysteria

mom jeans hysteria

mom jeans hysteria

mom jeans hysteria

mom jeans hysteria

mom jeans hysteria

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