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Lese MajestyPatterns & Signals

16 November, 2018
Buzz around town.

There’s been a big buzz around a certain Sydney rock outfit that’s hard to ignore. Lese Majesty have blown music fans away with their sometimes prog, sometimes pop-rock single Age Of Outrage and so they should; Lese Majesty are absolute wizards of their craft, as proven in their new EP, Patterns & Signals.

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Each track stands apart from the next, defined by its own character, its own personality–and that’s how you’ll understand the brilliance of Lese Majesty’s skills as songwriters. It’s all in the definition. The band comprised of duo Jodie Gibson and Joel Henderson make quite the impression as they rip into opener Signs, a clear and cutting track that grabs your attention with its riveting riffs and powerful vocals.

Lese Majesty are gaining momentum at a shockingly impressive pace

An intricate web of sound in Gravity Calling seems as if it’s been spun by the soul, the sheer power of tones and textures built into a force simply sublime. There’s a certain kind of volatile passion in Age Of Outrage, Lese Majesty performing with an aggrieved passion that is utterly raw. The guitars and drums tap gently rhythms that build a runway for the explosive choruses of disdain and outrage.

Lese Majesty are gaining momentum at a shockingly impressive pace, and why not? With an uncompromising sincerity laced in their melodies, a song writing technique that sees the band adopt uncategorised influences and ideas and execute them brilliantly, it’s really no wonder that the buzz around these guys is that they’re destined for great things.

STANDOUT TRACKS: In Stone, Gravity Calling, Age Of Outrage
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