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Arising Empire
2 November, 2018
Inventive Metalcore

Fantasy is the second studio album from French artisanal metalcore band Landmvrks.

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Originating in Marseilles, France, in 2014, Landmvrk’s released their debut album Hollow, in 2016. Landmvrks embrace an interesting, electic interpretation on their broadly metalcore sound. With Fantasy, they have taken influences from a mix of hardcore, 90s punk rock, and even some balladry.

On heavier tracks such as The Worst Of You And Me and False Reality, Landmvrks have maximised their hardcore influences, while retaining the memorable repetition and bouncy breakdowns of metalcore. Through the thickened sound, Landmvrks demonstrate their capacity to drop sheer rage on a live crowd. That said, the ballad Alive, featureing stunning vocal work by Camille Contreras, is beautifully powerful, and the addition of the mysterious instrumental Kurhah shows a constellar introspective side. Some tough dissonance in Dead Inside really shows off the diversity of Landmvrks’ abilities.

Landmvrks have a broad palette of potential to develop a very unique place in modern metal.

The vocal work of Florent Salfati is somewhat unorthodox, located generally in a slightly higher register than the genre is familiar with but in the context of Landmvrk’s eccentric approaches to metalcore it really works towards a very unique sound. On Scars, one can hear how the vocal range enhances the shifting moods of the track. Scars also guest features fellow French guitarist Florestan Durand, of Novelists, showcasing how effective pronounced melodic leads are for Landmvrk songs. In another beautiful collaboration, Salfati’s clean vocals interplay with the guttural sound of Betraying The Martyrs’ Aaron Matts on Reckoning, producing a song of rollercoaster emotional and sonic intensity.

Landmvrks’ lyrical content is heartfelt, the hooks are catchy; all the right elements of quality, inventive metalcore. Landmvrks are a kind of quirky metalcore band that is blazing its own trail. While Fantasy pulls in a few different stylistic directions, it is clear that Landmvrks have a broad palette of potential to develop a very unique place in modern metal.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Scars, False Reality, Dead Inside
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