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Arising Empire
18th January, 2019
kadinja hysteria
So Frenchy, So Djent

The French love djent so much I’m starting to pronounce it “zhon.” That’s a linguistic joke for y’all. I wonder why I’m single, too.

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The funny thing about Super 90′ (a nod to their favourite decade) is that isn’t as much French as it is Aussie, taking on the alt-prog sounds of Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, and to a lesser extent, Caligula’s Horse. Opener Empire is a melange of thorny, cutting djent tempered by ethereal synths and crooning cleans.

Would we go so far in saying Kadinja is the French answer to Northlane?

There’s prog in them thar riffs, even if they’re buried beneath syncopated djent remembered wholesale from Periphery. The Modern Rage feels like it could find a home on the UNFD roster, possessed by sublime vocal melodies and darkening to rough-and-tumble blasts of rhythm. For some inexplicable reason The Right Escape sounds like a early Silverchair meeting Northlane, which is a Very Welcome Thing. Veronique, by the sounds of it, is a girl that really fucked with their heads considering the notes whirling around in a dirty tornado. Avec tout mon Amour evokes the technicolour soundscapes of sleepmakeswaves, ebbing and flowing with textures and nuanced playstyles. (A Kadinja sampler, if you will.)

For nigh on an hour, this disc dominates with onslaughts of mechanised riffery and sound, blurring into one. There’s little differentiating the songs here, though with an album orientation as strong as this, they don’t really need to. If you like getting pelted with jagged riff-rocks, then outstretch your arms and welcome the pain.

Would we go so far in saying Kadinja is the French answer to Northlane? Not quite, but they will be one to look out for when you need a high-octane djent fix.

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STANDOUT TRACKS: The Modern Rage, The Right Escape, Avec tour mon Amour

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