JarfaceNow They See

749445 Records DK
8 December, 2017

Expect the unexpected from the debut release from post-grunge preachers Jarface. A monstrous take on the more traditional associations with the genre, in Now They See,  grunge has never sounded so good–and so relevant.

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Hovering in that tasty little space between hard rock and grunge, Jarface has a charming little sludge effect in their sound that gives just the right amount attitude amidst the well-written lyrics and standout drum rhythms. Lead single Absolution breaks the seal on the album with hard rock realness in its grimy lyrics and gritty riffs. Almost four years in the making, Now They See oozes commitment and detail, stripping away at genre pigeon-holing to expose music that seems to have been created to become personable to every listener. But…

There’s something, something you can’t quite put your finger on, like Jarface are clawing at the surface of sound, waiting to break a nasty film that contains all the explosive flavour. Whatever the element holding back the burst, be it something overlooked in production or similar, Jarface have only left themselves room to move. Perhaps they can aim to break that barrier in their next release. Let’s hope so, for it would be truly electric.

STAND OUT TRACK: Kneel, Sucker, White Picket Fence
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Down, Monster Truck, Clutch

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