Iron ChicYou Can't Stay Here

SideOneDummy Records
13 October, 2017
Punk rock party

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Acknowledging the permanence of pain, despair and discomfort is a task reserved for those few willing to accept the fleeting perfections and inconsistencies of the everyday. Iron Chic are clearly the proud owners of steel-built yet penetrable brave hearts. They’ve found triumph in a time of grief and are revelling with confidence in a world that continues to serve them the worst.

You Can’t Stay Here is a product of perseverance and redemption, shining through and manifesting itself in an uncompromisingly melodic and anthemic punk album. Diving head first into insecurities and vulnerability, each track is tailor made to be sung in the arms of mates whilst beers fly and limbs flail over the reverberating beats and fist-in-the-air choruses.

My Best Friend Is A Nihilist’s Springsteen-meets-pop punk hook-fest is crafted to be the war-cry celebration song of those whose shins are proudly tattooed with Against Me! Lyrics. Scruffy, boisterous and catchy, it’s bleary-eyed guitars make for flannel-core perfection. On the surface, Iron Chic may appear only as big and brash, however, it’s the intricacies that run fluidly throughout the album that accentuate its bid for ferocity in a mundane routine.  

A feels fest that encapsulates just how jarring and devastating the most simple of pop punk tracks can be

The subtle emo-tinged choppy chord rallying and tasteful synths inflections on Let’s. Get. Dangerous exemplify i’s heart string tugging lyrical output, evoking the best and most earnest traits of past indie-punk Gods Motion City Soundtrack. Kind glockenspiel runs (that’s one you don’t hear everyday) embellish the hometown glory pride that spits in the face of adversity with a wisecracking below. 

Gruff vocals and thumping bass soar over the sugary chord progressions of Thunderbolt’s—a feels fest that encapsulates just how jarring and devastating the most simple of pop punk tracks can be. Profane Geometry and, Invisible Ink are uncompromising dive-bar screamers, confronting the demons that run deep in driving riffles of distorted bass and galloping drum interplay—nostalgic and bittersweet in the best possible way.

Wallowing in bad days always poses itself as an option—but Iron Chic refuse to give in. 2017 has proved fertile ground for excellent emotionally charged punk albums and You Can’t Stay Here will see Iron Chic join the ranks. You Can’t Stay Here is proof Iron Chic spent years honing their expertise in writing catchy, soul bearing punk tunes that defy the realms monotony and have quite clearly, perfected it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: My Best Friend Is Nihilist, Let’s. Get. Dangerous., Invisible Ink
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