THE HYST LIST // Our Top Valentine’s Day Power Couples

Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t all fast love and girls and boys in every city – occasionally actual romance occurs. When it does, rock stars (gasp!) settle down and find true love. Or the closest approximation to it.

Though many in the entertainment industry fall victim to egos, pre-nups, and the more often than not break-up, we’ve put together some of the success stories – OTPs if you will – of the rock, punk, and metal scene. Power couples who endure the envy of singles and couples everywhere. Don’t you wish your girlfriend or boyfriend was hot like them?

Simone Simons & Oliver Palotai

If Epica and Kamelot were people, they’d have been married in a taffeta-covered Medieval themed wedding decades ago. As it turns out, the sublime songstress and beauty blogger Simone Simons married Kamelot keyboardist Oliver Palotai anyway. Two prime examples of European style and musical majesty intertwining was written in the stars. It also explains all those albums about the cosmos, right? // Tom Valcanis

Beau Bokan & Lights

beau bokan

Growing up scene in 2010 meant that your perfect ‘Romeo and Juliet’ couple wasn’t Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. No, it was the musically talented, fringe-matching duo of Beau Bokan and Lights. Both well established musicians within the scene, Bokan fronts post-hardcore band Bless The Fall while Lights has maintained a strong solo career. The two married in 2012 and welcomed adorable daughter Rocket Wild Bokan into the world in 2014. These guys are definitely the OTP of emo!

Tony Perry & Erin Aschow

The best relationships are the ones where you get to be yourself, completely, with the other person. Judging by the array of Star Wars cosplay and Disney World trips, Tony Perry of Pierce The Veil and his long-term girlfriend Erin Aschow have got that part nailed down. Along with their fur-baby Doug (and yes he has an instagram: @dougthedog), is there really a more picture perfect trio that you’d want to see on your next Christmas card?

Alissa White-Gluz & Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

Former Agonist and current Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz loves rocking wild hair and elaborate outfits; so why not halve your make-up and hairspray costs by dating former Danzig guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (that’s his name, I can’t make this shit up.) Alissa may have fallen under a similar Kamelot spell, guesting on most recent album Haven. Doyle reportedly cried when he found out Alissa was taking over the mic mantle from Angela Gossow, too. PLUS, they’re both vegan so they can be that extra bit annoying to lovelorn peeps like me. Now if that ain’t a thing called love, I don’t know what is. // Tom Valcanis

Phil Manansala & Anouk aka Noux


Looking for a couple that has the perfect mix of silliness, romance, supportiveness, and all while being cute as hell? Of Mice & Men’s Phil Manansala and his beautiful wife Anouk, also known as Noux, have topped the list since they began dating in 2012. Six years later and they’ve just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary, proving to us all that love is best when shared with your best friend.

Alex & Lisa Gaskarth

If you wanted proof that fairy tale, high school sweetheart romances do exist, then look no further! Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low finally married his long term girlfriend Lisa Ruocco in April 2016 after dating for 12 years. And even though it wasn’t always smooth sailing (c’mon! 12 years is a long time to get along with someone 100% of the time) the couple still look as happy as they did back in their early days!

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