HOUSE VS HURRICANE // Are ‘Back’ With New Album ‘Filth’

House vs Hurricane are back, baby. And you’re gonna wanna take off those clean clothes before diving back in, ’cause this time ’round things are bound to get filthy in a way that makes Christina Aguilera look as clean as they come. Watch new single Give It Up below:

After hanging up their boots for an early retirement in 2013 after two albums and a EP that catapulted them as one of Australia’s vanguards of the genre alongside I Killed The Prom Queen and The Amity Affliction, House vs Hurricane are off the bench and back in the game with a new album Filth.

Sure, for some, their break up was a little premature: in all accounts Crooked Teeth (released in 2012, the last record before their break up) was their best and most successful album. Garnering the band substantial radio play, a slot on the Big Day Out (RIP) main stage and a ARIA nomination which had ’em near knocking down the door to the mainstream with brutal noise and a clear, precise, defining sound that still remains one of the highest selling UNFD releases of all time.

But rest easy, hardcore heads: Filth is a damn dirty and aggressive return to the game for HvH. Featuring the Crooked Teeth era line up, what House vs Hurricane have managed to cook up is a tongue in cheek collection of fast n’ filthy tracks remnant of their glory days in the Australian hardcore and alternative scene.

Teasing us with a performance at UNIFY earlier this year – their first in four years – it seems House vs Hurricane have found themselves again, at least that’s the impression one gets watching the clip for new track ‘Give It Up’. The upcoming single from the record was filmed at their reunion appearance at UNIFY and is a slingshot of assault and carnage that hits you square right between the eyes.

Though the band’s OG string shredder Chris Shaw says, “we aren’t back per se, we just have the intention of releasing music when we can and playing a few shows every now and again,” it’s hard to believe him after hearing the new material. It’s not ’til he says, “Three of the guys are married with kids now,” that you think maybe the House vs Hurricane we knew and loved five years ago aren’t completely who they used to be. But when the same guy says that ‘Filth’ is “Crooked Teeth on crack” you got to wonder just how hard and fast the new House vs Hurricane will hit you.

‘Filth’ is available June 2 on UNFD and for pre-order on iTunes and 24Hundred.

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