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HOLLER FEST // A Festival Celebration Of Diversity

The question of diversity in music festivals was a big talking point of 2018, with music fans and festival goers holding big organisers accountable for a lack of non-male bands in line-ups. Well now its 2019 and organisations like Girls Rock! Melbourne are taking the discussions one step further with their inaugural fundraising festival Holler Fest on this weekend. 

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Girls Rock! Melbourne is part of the Girls Rock! Camps alliance, a national network of music camps for girls, trans and gender-diverse youths to be inspired and educated through music and positive mentoring. After the first camp began in Portland, Oregon (USA) in 2001, the camps have spread internationally and Australia currently holds Girls Rock! camps in six states. 

Holler Fest will take place this Saturday, 12th January, at the Reverence Hotel in Melbourne and brings forth an outstanding line-up fully comprised of non-male acts. Over 2 stages and 10 hours, 19 bands will be performing, with local acts like Yukumbabe, Moon Cup and Go Get Mum playing throughout the day and big Aussie names like Moaning Lisa and Outright closing out the festival. 

The fundraising event, while encouraging patrons to donate to the Girls Rock! Melbourne cause, also aims to inspire young musicians, particularly the female, trans and gender-diverse youths that Girls Rock! Camps tirelessly work for in their programs. By showing that people just like them belong in the wonderful world of music, these groups of young people can feel empowered to follow their own music dreams while interacting with others like themselves in a safe space. 

The festival is welcome to all, with just a few rules mentioned to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy themselves at a day of live music and social change. Man, woman, trans, non-binary and everything in between, Holler Fest is a celebration of diversity for all to be apart of and enjoy. 

There’s still time to get tickets through eventbrite, so don’t miss out on the first of hopefully many more female, trans and non-binary focused festivals in Australia. 

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