HARD NOISE: VOID OF VISION // Drop Explosive Surprise EP ‘Disturbia’

Melbourne’s Void Of Vision, champions of modern metalcore and forbearers of the infamous nu metal revival, are here to shake up your week with a new EP, Disturbia.

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Disturbia sees the band take on 4 tracks of searing anthemic metalcore—a step in a more melodic direction for the mosh focused band. Don’t you worry, the boys have stayed true to their punishing riff roots and empire vanquishing drumming, with some tracks featuring more technically inclined playing styles and a higher awareness for some good ol’ djent.

This follows up from the band’s 2016 debut full length, Children Of Chrome, which saw the band explore the current political landscape and social climate.

You can catch the Void Of Vision at Unify Gathering in early Jan. See ya in the pit!

Watch: Ghost In The Machine clip below

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