HARD NOISE // EXCLUSIVE Invasion Fest 2018 Announcement + A Night In Texas

In this episode, Ash Hull revealed some HUGE news about Invasion Fest 2018, EXCLUSIVE to Hard Noise! Be sure to listen in!

Yeehaw! We’re gettin’ our BBQ on with Cory Judd of A Night In Texas in this episode of Hard Noise, co-hosted by Destroy All Lines and Greyscale Records big dawg Ash Hull! (CJ is out in Europe teaching kids to yell – but he’ll be back!)

If you’re in a new band, this is an episode you can’t miss: Ash reveals all the secrets to getting noticed by labels, venues, and promoters! PLUS the venerable Rizza joins the party for a RAGE fuelled WSMM™ time, a preview of Invasion Fest, and new Polaris news!

Thanks to Røde Mics!

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