HARD NOISE: ATTILA // Release New Single ‘Three 6’!

Metalcore’s self-perceived mavericks Attila, have returned with more of their brazen attitude along with a vengeance on their new track Three 6.

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Having always stuck out in their scene of haircutcore for being a bit too brash for some, their over-the-top braggadocio continues to fuel their music into 2017 with this single. Rather than listening to the requests to tone it down a notch, they dismiss that negativity and encourage their fans to say hell yeah if they’re down with the devil in the hook, classic boys.

Musically, it’s rather brutal for their standards, riddled with thunderous kick drums and searing lead guitars. Fronz’s vocals are passionate as he convinces us “I AM THE DEVIL” *cue badass breakdown*. This claim isn’t too surprising because he really seems like he’s been to hell and back in the last few years, maybe even more than once.

Nonetheless, this is still Attila being Attila, just with a touch more aggression. Fronz states in the intro, “Back with dat heavy shit”, and damn straight this song justifies that assertion.

Three 6 is available here through Sharptone Records.

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