GrenadiersFind Something You Love and Let It Kill You

10th November, 2017
Live fast, play hard

The glory days of traditional Aussie ‘pub rock’ has found new life in eclectic punk torchbearers like The Smith Street Band, Luca Brasi and The Hard Aches. Taking cues from the ‘battler’ personas of yesteryear, the bands are reshaping the distinctly ‘okka’ and at times, machismo drenched narrative to resonate with millennial audiences.

On Find Something You Love and Let It Kill You, Grenadiers have delivered an album that explores this ultra-vulnerable yet chaotic brand of punk-informed pub rock. Equal parts Tony Hawk Pro Skater and bogan-core high-vis vest punk, it’s a journey of both the raucous of a spilled VB tinnie and the bittersweet nostalgia of a long ride home. 

Opener Drunk and Broke is a title statement, introducing the ethos Grenadiers have built their solid reputation upon. Featuring a nuanced clean introduction that culminates in galloping drum beats and washy cymbals, Winnie Blue marinated vocals find a comfortable home amongst the just in tune guitars. Can you guess what the track is about? Give it a red hot go. Its message is concise and manifests itself in a searing one-two punch jab.

A moment of the punk party is subdued on Long Way Down, a heart on your sleeve banger that’d see the arms of a dusty Splendour afternoon swing with a melancholic intensity. Panic Attack’s lighting-paced opening riff will appease skate punk faithful, however, it’s not all machismo and mosh calls. In the true spirit of pub rock revival, the Grenadiers use the minute and bit to call out their utmost vulnerabilities, amplifying them through a bombastic punk rock veneer. Live Fast, Diabetes is a further statement of triumph amidst the headache of the every day – a sure-fire pop punk hit whilst Holding Pattern throws down some serious grunge influence.

Having shared the stage with enduring legends like Unwritten Law and Millencolin, Grenadiers have clearly adopted a ‘live fast, play faster and harder mindset’, an attitude that shines through in the sheer passion and charisma of the entire album. Find Something You Love and Let It Kill You is a love letter to the over the top 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Long Way Down, Live Fast, Diabetes, Panic Attack
STICK THIS NEXT TO: The Hard Aches, Millencolin, The Smith Street Band


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