THE FEVER 333 // What We Know About Jason Butler’s New LA Supergroup


Speculation, confusion, excitement and anticipation all surround LA supergroup The Fever 333 lately. With former letlive frontman Jason Aalon Butler making a slew of cryptic nods across social media as to the band’s movements, there’s certainly mystery and intrigue.

As we eagerly await the release of a full album from the super group, The Fever 333 have been teasing fans with anecdotes of their antics in the studio. Tweets from Butler and renowned drummer Travis Barker (do you really need to see his resume?) show the musicians thank each other, giving shout outs and apparent pats on the back. Sure, this could just be bros supporting bros, but our guts tell us otherwise. We know Barker tracked drums on a recording. This Instagram video shows Barker behind the kit at one of their first club shows:

There’s a fever coming… #FamousFamily @TravisBarker getting down with @TheFever333 at their first ever show at @TheRoxy #LA. 📹 by @KenagonioPhotography #TheresAFeverComing #THEFEVER333 #FSAS

302 Likes, 5 Comments @famousstarsandstrapsuk on Instagram: “There’s a fever coming … #FamousFamily @TravisBarker getting down with @TheFever333 at their first …”

Super is as super does and already with ex-The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta in the feverish crew, what’s another rock star in the mix?

In the wake of letlive’s break-up back in April, Butler announced The Fever would play a live pop-up event for American Independence Day in the parking lot of Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, LA, his hometown. At the political pool party The Fever debuted We’re Coming In, their first studio recorded song that was released the following month.  We’re Coming In has so many good ideas in its lyrics, rhythm, production and style. Don’t pigeonhole it into a particular genre, just approach The Fever 333’s work with an open mind and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. That interesting sub woof featured … Bass drone? Whatever it’s called, it’s an awesome dubby undertone that certainly parallels with Barker’s hip hop interests, giving more weight to our collaboration suspicions.

The other track available on The Fever’s Soundcloud is Hunting Season. This track screams revolution and cries dissatisfaction un a nu-metal guise. It’s sick stuff, and that only question is, where’s the rest of it? Need more, please.

The Fever 333 aren’t messing around with this project. Just a day ago the band cancelled a show last minute at Los Angeles venue El Cid saying it was due to “restrictions that we feel dilute the message which is one far too important to compromise its impact.

we came as romans

“We want to make it clear THE F E V E R will not compromise the experience for our patrons. Even if it means making a difficult decision in order to secure the vision it will always be in the name of art and the movement.”

Butler concluded his statement with the band’s catchphrase “There’s a fever coming …” The show was originally intended as a charity event, raising funds and awareness for various organisations, and with tickets only costing a stylistically appropriate $3.33, we can only speculate that the venue and promoters couldn’t get on board with making a loss in the name of the greater good. This supergroup never sounded so sweet.

Travis Barker on Twitter

There’s a FEVER coming !!!!! @THEFEVER333

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