Fall and Resist Hysteria
Fall and Resist Hysteeia

Fall and ResistFading Cinders

12 November, 2018
Dark and Angry

Fading Cinders marks the debut full length album from Ballarat and Geelong-based heavy melodic band Fall And Resist.

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Fall And Resist’s enticing combination of death metal, heavy rock, and haunting melodic strains made waves with their 2016 debut EP Buried Beneath. Now with Fading Cinders, they have continued their raw melodic path, and enlarged their sound to embrace heavy symphonic elements to create an epic dimension, yet remaining relatable.

Evident throughout Fading Cinders are a range of stylistic influences, but Fall And Resist have impressively brought it all together with a binding sense of darkness. Liam Frost-Camillieri’s vocals resonate with a haunting blackened edge. While most of Fading Cinders moves at a tough mid-pace grind, energetic tracks like Pride And Glory, still retain an unsettling dissonance and showcase an unnerving atmospheric guitar solo.

Fading Cinders is a standout debut full-length album. It isn’t fast but it’s tough, textured, interesting, rocking yet dark and angry.

An angry blackened thrash-like vibe runs through the various movements of When Virtues Break, the melodeath influences coming through as well in the leads and delicate clean solos. Fall and Resist haven’t overstated anything, which allows the brilliance of tracks like Stitch to be fully visible. Stitch is vocally sparse but highly effective, well composed with a lingering sense of despair.

One of the most striking features of Fading Cinders are the orchestrated tracks that frame the opening, midsection and closing of the album. Opening track Life And Death runs a gauntlet of emotive strains in moody anticipation. Solemn piano and celestial female choral elements shape Anger and Sadness. While the largely instrumental symphonic pieces are strong, the most effective working of this aspect lies in tracks such a In Ignorance, which is primarily an epic melodeath track with tight leads following a deep-running classical intro, and the huge, swelling sound of closing track Cinders. These tracks bring together the symphonic elements with the dark epic and heavy central sound and is undoubtedly where the compositional strengths of Fall And Resist really shine.

Fading Cinders is a standout debut full-length album. It isn’t fast but it’s tough, textured, interesting, rocking yet dark and angry. Fall And Resist are developing an iconic sound that brings together blackened thrash, melodeath and symphonic metal, with hints of hardcore and heavy rock.

STANDOUT TRACKS: When Virtues Break . Stitch, In Ignorance
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