ENTER SHIKARI // The Mindsweep

Enter Shikari : The Mindsweep
(PIAS/Liberator Music)

“Enter Shikari have taken a step into their own left-field dimension.”


Given the Enter Shikari we know, your prediction this would be a (proto) typical black hole of confusion wouldn’t be too far from reality. The identity the band has sometimes overshadows their aptitude for creating unique moods and soundscapes. Yet on Mindsweep, they have found a breathless aural stream, albeit throwing down big, jagged boulders right when you think there’s smooth sailing.

Opening with The Appeal—a Linkin Park moment layered behind a “choose life” type tongue-twister on the emergency of change—(Chesty-La) Rou Reynolds’ cockney accent switches from stark statements to beautiful melodies, plateauing when needs he needs rest, a reprieve from the rap-like spittin’. Changes abound: Rory Clewlow’s guitar strings are like clanging construction equipment dropped from great height, providing a heavier bridge between the sing-along chorus of The Last Garrison. Mechanical surroundings gather together a band with characteristics that confuse. Maybe that’s intentional.

Together, the record is a brilliant mess of ideas that smites a standard song structure. Sound familiar? If so, it’s page one in Enter Shikari’s playbook. Each song needs repeated listens to get plugged into, lest it’s lost in a maelstrom of “what did I just fucking hear?” Their aesthetic is a technicolour mash of 47 sounds, genres and erratic tempos which are either genius or mundane, defined solely by what level of audiophile you are. No matter where you land, Enter Shikari have taken a step into their own left-field dimension, becoming savvy adapters and seizing missed opportunities in a quest to carve distinction from the rest.


Stand out tracks: The Last Garrison, The One True Colour, Myopia

For fans of: Linkin Park, The Streets, Arsonists Get All The Girls

The Mindsweep is out January 16 through PIAS/Liberator Music.

Watch Never Let Go of the Microscope:

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