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Earth CallerCrystal Death

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19th January, 2018
Total banger fest

2015’s Degenerate flattened the overcrowded metalcore market. Whoever was left scratched their heads, wondering just what happened. Crystal Death is another barrage of visceral tunes, born in the crucible of a modern heroes’ journey. Pain, struggle, transformation.

Frontman Josh Collard has a beast mode, and we are thankful for it. Stripping the red from his throat on this album is a labour of intense, uncomfortable introspection. We can hear it in arse-beater Pipe Dreams, and Soilwork-inspired No Forgiveness, and even in pained cleans running through Sucka. But it isn’t all about the singer.

This is a blistering metalcore hell ride; and you’ll kill your mum for a ticket.

Though Crystal Death is covered by a rose in decay and a liberal dose of things-gone-wrong, the riffing and rhythms are determined to rid itself of depression and anxiety; like that lilt of sunshine on our faces, realising an unbearable circle of emotion does indeed curve upward.

Then there are tracks like Never In Never Around, which are just canvasses for bodies to throw themselves on. Precise, calculated, and bloody like a machine-gun blast. My lord. Even dialing the speedo back on Mirror, aggression is palpable and millimetre perfect. Turns with guests like Sophie Jest on Fall add welcome dynamics, even satisfying ardent headbangers.

Could this album push Earth Caller into the certified “greats” column? This is a blistering metalcore hell ride; and you’ll kill your mum for a ticket. Does that answer your question?

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STANDOUT TRACKS: Exposed, No Forgiveness, Never In Never Around

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