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DON BROCO // First Aussie Night, First Aussie Tour

Touchdown! Don Broco are here and they’re ready for Aussie fans to feel comradery like they’ve never felt before.

Having been friends since their school days, the Don Broco boys don’t see touring as work, they see it as an extended holiday with their mates.  “Despite what people may think, touring can be super hard work!” says guitarist Simon Delaney. “Doing it with your best mates though, certainly does make the hard parts of it more fun, and it makes the fun parts feel incredible!

“When you get the odd day off on tour and you find yourself somewhere amazing that you’ve never been before, it definitely does feel like a holiday. We like to explore, eat amazing food, meet people, soak in as much of the place as we can.”

Naturally, being on tour with your best mates means you’d get up to some pretty crazy stuff – Don Broco are no exception. “Once, when we first started out,” says Delaney, “We were on tour with a band called Fei Comodo in the UK. The tour ended with their hometown show and a lock-in after party at the venue. They told us there was a haunted mental asylum just outside town which was legitimately the scariest place ever.

“We are super excited to [be in] Australia!”

“We jumped in a cab and went… it was pretty wild! We climbed an abandoned water tower which over-looked this empty asylum town… it was scary as hell. Definitely one of them most memorable nights we’ve had while touring!”

Back in the day, when they were jamming at high school, learning as they went, Delaney says none of them ever envisioned being where they are now, touring the world. “I don’t think any of us thought we would be touring the world together! The evolution of the band has been so gradual – always setting ourselves a goal, achieving it, and then setting a new one. When we started out the goals were small – get a gig in our home town. Then it was get a gig in a different town. Then get on a local festival, then a national one, and so on and so forth.

“Back at school we were just stoked to get to play our local venue, Esquires. We never thought one day we’d be on the other side of the world playing songs we wrote back in Bedford!”

Don Broco’s enthusiasm around their first Australian tour hasn’t gone and the build-up has been just as exciting for their fans. Such an unbelievable opportunity may, for some, pass by in a dreamy haze – Delaney however, is assuring as he explains just the lengths Don Broco will be going to document and cherish every moment of the tour.

“We are super excited to [be in] Australia!”

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Don Broco Tour Dates (All Shows 18+)

Thursday 7 December – The Brightside, Brisbane QLD

Friday 8 December – Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Sunday 10 December – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW

Tickets available here.

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