DOMESTIC LA LA // James Tidswell’s Label Signs West Thebarton + Dear Seattle

Violent Soho guitarist James Tidswell announced his new record label today, Domestic La La, and first signings West Thebarton and Dear Seattle.

The label, taken from a Violent Soho song itself, is an imprint of the Unified Music Group. Domestic refers to Australia, while La La means music.

“The idea behind Domestic La La is to allow bands to be on a label with someone who is sympathising with the artist themselves, and the struggle with having a vision and wanting to do something that doesn’t fit into the everyday mould that record labels operate within,” Tidswell says in a statement. “I’m lucky enough to have been involved in the music industry – in all different levels and aspects – for over 14 years. I say lucky because although at times it was difficult and frustrating, I now know why I had to go through all of that. It’s left me with a complete and total understanding of everything a band can go through and I can always see from their perspective. Sometimes being in a band can feel like the people on the other side don’t truly understand why certain things are so important to you, or why you have to do things a certain way, even if it is more work.”

The label will also run a special vinyl record club subscription service. “It’s where you put two bands together and release a double A-side [7″]. The goal is to have 10 each year.”

West Thebarton celebrated the news by dropping a new video for Bible Camp, which you can watch below.

The video was directed by Aaron Schuppan (Cosmo Thundercat) and was inspired by a story they heard about vocalist Reverend Ray’s mum’s university days in Manila, Philippines.

“Two of the blokes used the camp as a retreat to meet up, as their extremely Catholic families wouldn’t ever accept them being with each other. Apparently one of their Dads wasn’t too happy when he was made aware and had come down there after finding out… My Mum, Dora saw the Dad kicking in the head of his son’s lover.”

Dear Seattle is the second band on the label, apparently a must for Tidswell.

“A friend sent me Dear Seattle when there was just one song out from the self-titled EP and on the first listen, my jaw dropped. I was sitting by myself at my dining room table, and I put it on repeat. It was right before I was going out, so it was like my own personal pre-drinks party. I was so amped up that I cancelled my Uber and found their email address straight away,” he states.

You can order albums and merchandise from Domestic La La’s store, here.

WATCH > Dear Seattle – Afterthought

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