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DEAFHEAVEN // Returning To Australia And New Zealand In 2019

Black-metal band Deafheaven are returning to Australia next year for a February tour covering six dates.

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Following the release of this years Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which received anything but ordinary love from fans and critics and has been positively received worldwide, news of Deafheaven’s return is sure to excite fans, with hopes of another or first energy-fuelled show filled with headbanging and belting lyrics.

Off the back of their famed 2016 visit, which saw Deafheaven become the first black metal band to perform at the Sydney Opera House, fans will undoubtedly welcome the jazz-inspired percussion and beautifully involved piano melodies of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

Mixing in songs from their 2011 debut Roads To Judah and follow up albums 2013’s Sunbather and 2015’s New Bermuda, Deafheaven will not disappoint fans of the black-metal and alternative-rock genres.

While not returning to the Sydney Opera House, Deafheaven will be making a number of stops across Australia and fans will have to move fast for tickets to the upcoming intimate shows.

Beginning their tour in New Zealand on the 20th and 21st February, Deafheaven will reach Australia’s shores on the 22nd, starting with Perth before crossing to the East Coast to play Brisbane on the 24th, Melbourne on the 27th and finishing in Sydney on the 28th.

With little over two months until the tour begins, fans will want to ensure they don’t miss out on Deafheaven’s return to Australia.

Tickets available here.

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