Crum Hysteria
Crum Hysteria


9 November, 2018
Head-bang worthy

Gold Coast grunge and alt-rockers Crum released their debut EP Waster last month and it’s safe to say the new band have poured a tremendous amount of passion into the six-track release.

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Taking influence from grunge and alt-rock bands before them, Crum meld the two into something quite unique and definitely head-bang worthy. Any fan who enjoys the likes of Nirvana, Violent Soho and Silverchair is likely to find something enjoyable from this EP, whether it be instrumentally, vocally or a mix of both.

From the opening song TV Housemates, the band set up their half a dozen tracks that equip pounding drums and rocking guitar riffs which lead into smooth choruses that are bound to get a crowd singing along.

Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, Waster is a wild ride from start to finish

There isn’t a track on Crum’s debut EP that feels out of place, a testament to how close the band has stuck to their genre and the effort they’ve put into releasing something well-polished.

Waster wastes no time pulling the listener in and it refuses to let them go until the final song fades. Even the EP’s slower track, In The Middle, which is still heavily grunge-focused, builds to a final minute of banging drums and thrashing guitars which gives way to the screamed lyrics “Stuck in the middle”, before fading out and leaving the listener with a chill.

Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, Waster is a wild ride from start to finish, where even the slower sections of certain songs build a sense of anticipation which is inevitably paid off in the form of some beautiful instrumental and vocal work.

STANDOUT TRACKS: TV HousematesTemporaryIn The Middle
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