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From Crisis To CollapseThe Seventh Tree

Art Is War Records
1st February, 2019
Melodeathly great stuff

The only Swedish implant Australia seems to grasp is ABBA. You might see the occasional Volvo out there, and you likely have an IKEA Sømkråpp in your house.


Apart from that, Aussies and Swedes aren’t quite kindred. Byron Bay area thrashers and Halloween Hysteria darlings From Crisis To Collapse might just have emerged out of a tunnel dug from Gothenburg, with debut EP The Seventh Tree such infused with the gravlax-y odours of Swedish melodic death metal’s heyday. Like an old wog bloke hosing off his driveway, they rinse away that creeping “Scandinavian sadboi” style melodeath Insomnium or In Mourning are toting these days, leaving only the battle-hardened, fist-curling riff machinery of yore. Crisis bursts into view with the pomp and pageantry of a WrestleMania entrance, a headbanger’s delight from beginning to end. Turning The Gun and screamer Dimitri could almost sort of slot right into an At The Gates mould, just as they morphed into The Haunted.

Melodic death metal fans: rejoice. This is the real shit, right here.

It’s all riffs, all the time with these guys. Slow Burn gallops on at a relentless clip, churning over riffs and gun-like blasts like a comic book supervillain. A magical acoustic interlude reminds us of just how heavy a work of contrast can feel, not unlike the In Flames of yore. (I know, right?) No Promises shrugs off the battle jacket and leaves the tattered Dismember singlet on, taking on straight up death metal with ease. Filling their sound out with some atmospherics and tight and fluid riffwork, Lift the Veil carves up chumpy lead breaks, the kind almost lost to the teeth of time. Are you not entertained? I dunno pal, if this doesn’t turn you on then nothing will. If you weren’t full to bursting after this smorgasbord of delectable riffery, Crystals Are Us throw the entire box and dice at us; hypnotising indefatigable riffs, fretblazing leads, and of course, eerie Gregorian chants.

Melodic death metal fans: rejoice. This is the real shit, right here.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Crisis, Slow Burn, Lift The Veil
STICK THIS NEXT TO: The Absence, The Haunted, Mors Principium Est

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