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THE COLLECTIVE // The Bands That Make The Bands Tick

Kicking off this weekend, The Collective is the brand new festival Australia didn’t know it needed!

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Committed to supporting some seriously talented new faces, the event at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel will showcase A-grade up-and-comers including the likes of Clews, Totty, The Buoys, Cry Club and Spit Chewy. From fuzzed out guitars to prime post-punk, psychedelic rock to non-binary talent, The Collective looks to play host to some insanely diverse new sounds.

Tickets available here.

With such an eclectic lineup and these newcomers to the scene battling to be seen and heard, Hysteria wanted to know where the inspiration for some of these bands stem from. We got some answers from The Buoys, Spit Chewy, and Totty, nailing down their top ten favourite bands.

Slayer Hysteria


Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of their voices, because with a sweeping fuzz and relentless garage rock demonstrated on their EP Soft Boy, all-girl power outfit The Buoys mean business! With those punk undertones and hipster antics, and a clear celebration of female/trans/non-binary talent in the music industry, it’s only natural The Buoys wold have an immensely diverse source of inspiration.

1. Jen Clohers

“There’s something about Jen Clohers music for everyone in the band, guitar for Anthea [lead guitarist] especially but we all feel so empowered listening to her music.”

2. Rackett

“The first time we saw RACKETT we were hit by their live energy, and also thanks to Kat, Zoe [vocals/guitar] started practicing guitar every day. Anthea especially goes nuts over Kat’s guitar skills!”

3. Flowertruck

“Will from Flowertruck is a big influence for Tess’s drumming; the personality he brings to his drums, you can hear it in the recordings, it’s clever and creative and it’s obvious live, he has a very positive contagious energy.”

4. Moaning Lisa

“Moaning Lisa are another band we get blown away by energy-wise. They bring it in a live performance and Zoe is definitely inspired by their vocals and big sound.”

5. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

“Going to tons of gigs influences our live show more than our sound and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are another band who have ridiculous energy live, and their songs take it to another level by having this haunting presence that has been inspiring Zoe’s writing lately.”

6. Courtney Barnett

“Courtney Barnett brings it with her witty lyrics, amazing guitar skills and overall every song is so damn good.”

7. Ball Park Music

“Ball Park Music have always been a huge influence in Zoe’s writing, she knows every word to every song and is very much inspired by their lyrics, amazing vocal melodies and HUGE choruses.”


“WAAX have an incredible live energy that we try to aim for and Marie’s openness about mental health is inspiring.”

9. Body Type

“Body Type were actually the start of wanting to play live for Zoe, you can tell they all love what they’re doing and each other, so as a band they have a presence we are all inspired by.”

10. Hockey Dad

“Zoe listens to a lot of Hockey Dad and it definitely influences her writing, she loves their high energy live sets and their nuts choruses, always bangers.”

Good Things Hysteria


With a beautifully whimsical style of indie rock, Wollongong four-piece Spit Chewy can be sweet with their melodies but sour with their sentiment–and with soaring song-writing in tracks like Grunge Is My Religion and Jimmy, and a top ten bands of sensational calibre, Spit Chewy are ones to watch!

1. Horror My Friend

Our favourite fuzzed out guitar heroes making gigantic shoegaze rock songs that hit the mark every time.”

2. Totty

Amazing band [and] people who have great songs and a sick stage presence and energy.”

3. Maddy Jane

One of the most charming voices in Australian music and we are so excited to go on the road with her!”

4. Fritz

Dreamy and sweet indie noise-pop made by the even sweeter humans that are Fritz.”

5. Julia Jacklin

We are always at a loss for words with Julia, she is an absolute lyrical genius/goddess.”

6. White Blanks

Our favourite ‘Gong band that’s taking on the world at the moment with their insane stage presence and song writing.”

7. Obscura Hail

So many interesting dynamics in their music and also such a distinctive element of song writing, we’ll always support.”

8. RAT!hammock

Their new single June sounds so incredibly good and we love it. Can we all just take a moment and listen to it again, please?”

9. Body Type

We’ve seen this band a few times and they’ve got such a unique sound and image. Very, very cool.”

10. Middle Kids

Simplicity can be absolutely golden; and this band do it so unbelievably well, time and time again.”


Call them shed rock, garage rock, holed-up-in-your-auntie’s-lounge-rock, whatever the size of the performance space, Totty are sure to break down walls with their frothing and passionate brand of rock, particularly in their debut EP Cut The Poppies.

1. Horror My Friend

Their loud guitars and heaps of screams really influenced the way we play live. So much good noise.”

2. Skegss

It’s inspiring how amazing they are as people. We hope we can be as nice and loving as the Skegss boys are.”

3. Hockey Dad

The sounds they make from just the two of them baffles and inspires us, both of ‘em are very talented musicians.”

4. Alex Lahey

I love the honesty in her lyrics and the way she gets straight to the point. That inspires my lyric writing heaps.”

5. Velvet Elevator

That amp set up is something I’ll always aspire to be able to pull off the way Velvet does.”


Amazing musicians all in it together making one big talent machine.”

7. Tiny Little Houses

I love the lyrics. Garbage Bin really resonates with me as I’m sure it does for a lot of people. Good words.”

9. Dear Seattle

Good honest rock ‘n’ roll with heaps of raw emotions.”

9. Slowly Slowly

Their music makes us feel heaps of good things. It’s inspiring to us how they write their music so emotively.”

10. Middle Kids

They write the catchiest hooks and riffs throughout their songs.”

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