Burning Witches Hysteria
Burning Witches Hysteria

Burning WitchesHexenhammer

Nuclear Blast
9 November, 2019
Submissive attention

Coming in hot and heavy with their second album, Hexenhammer, all-chick metal outfit Burning Witches have everything going for them–sexy Swiss accents, killer leather-clad looks, a firm following thanks to the bewitching beats of their 2017 self-titled debut, and a spectacular mastery of their instruments–but does Hexenhammer wrap a ribbon around the whole package and offer up a gift you can’t refuse?

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Burning Witches demonstrate a diversity in tone and timbre throughout the album–from guttural growls to high-pitched wails, heard in the likes of opener Open Your Eyes, each song, attributed to the historical period of witch hunting in medieval times, grabs you by the throat and forcefully shakes you into submissive attention.

Burning Witches build a wall of thrash, speed, and power metal, spicing up classic foundations.

A harrowing tale of life and death, Executed wails with dual guitars, propelled by the thundering bassline and some chant-worthy volatility in the lyrics. The rush of the album slowing some for the album’s power ballad, Don’t Cry My Tears, when Burning Witches demonstrate their poignancy for storytelling and balance the weight of the album’s heavy overtones.

At its primal core Hexenhammer is a modern interpretation of classic hair metal covering a lot of ground–Burning Witches build a wall of thrash, speed, and power metal, spicing up classic foundations. The walls they’ve built in this album will certainly be hard for anyone to penetrate with a copy or rebuttal.  

STANDOUT TRACKS: Open Your Eyes, Executed, Hexenhammer
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