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Arising Empire
25 January, 2019

If you’re looking for a band that’s going to get you on the edge of your seat and excited not only by their new release but their potential future, too, look no further. German alt-rockers Breathe Atlantis completely explode into their third studio album, Soulmade, with a ferocity and reverence that captures the soul and very being of a band in such an exciting way, it’ll leave you crumpled up on the floor, one hot mess.

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Simply put, Soulmade is orgasmic. In largely leaving their metal roots behind them, Breathe Atlantis have made a successful jump into, well, everything. EDM inspired beats, post-hardcore vocalisations, crashing drum runs and volatile guitars worthy of a stadium performance. If there’s an audio embodiment of the word “exhilarating” this album is it!

If there’s an audio embodiment of the word “exhilarating” this album is it!

Never has it been harder to relay the sheer brilliance of a little-known band. Cold, Don’t Need You Now, and I Think It Isn’t Fair are complete explosions of colour, traipsing with earnest across a spectrum you didn’t know existed and exposing the raw sense of humanity among Breathe Atlantis.

The best thing you could do to really understand what this rambling review is trying to get at is to listen to Soulmade yourselves. Only then will you realise just what a coma-inducing rush of joy it is, and why it makes an incoherent monkey out of a usually level-headed person. Genius.

STANDOUT TRACKS: My Supernova, Cold, Soulmade
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