13 October, 2018
Raucous melodies

Five unadulterated tracks of rock ‘n’ roll, multidimensional textures, and surprises at every turn, Homebound, the debut EP from Brisbane’s Alaina raises the outfit on a rare pedestal of DIY domination.

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Alaina spin so quickly on a roundabout of raucous melodies, soaring vocals, pumping bass and drums, the giddiness will you bring you the same kind of joy a kid in a lolly shop. These guys can rock.

Just as you think you’re getting to know Alaina’s flexible brand of rock they throw you a curve ball in I Am Not A Freak, breaking into the track with a rabid riff that slobbers as heavily as a dog with rabies. Vocalist Ryan Valley explores his own boundaries impressively, reaching those high notes with the bellow of Sebastian Bach and the passion of Bruce Dickinson. This stick-it-to-the-man anthem is absolutely the EPs standout track, exemplifying the creative ideas Alaina want to work with as well as their talents as performers.

It’s pretty easy to understand just what Alaina were reaching for but not so easy to forecast what successive releases will bring–and that’s half their appeal.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Moonlapse, Lay Your World On Me, I Am Not A Freak
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Monster Truck, Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons

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