AFI // The Blood Tour: Heartfelt Tour Diary From A Fan

AFI with Aaron Halvorson

AFI Adelaide, The Gov
12th September 2017

Hey Hysteria!

All I have to say is WOW! My night in Adelaide was the most special night of my entire life! Perfect in every way! Meeting the band was a dream come true! Not only that, but it was a private meet and greet because I was the only meet and greet person there that night, so I had all the time to talk to the band and got to speak with them for several minutes! They were so friendly and nice!

I told them how their music has gotten me through some difficult times recently—I lost my uncle and a close friend over the summer—and AFI’s music helped my heart heal. The song that inspires me the most Still a Stranger from their latest, AFI (The Blood Album). That song helped me get through losing my uncle and friend. The band explained the origins of that song to me … how the lyrical and musical components came to be. That was pretty special and then they actually played that song that night—that was the first time this tour they played Still a Stranger and it felt like they played it just for me, from our conversation. We discussed a few other things, they signed my CDs, and we took a great group photo together. Meeting the band was beyond amazing and to have that time with them means a lot to me. Davey, Jade, Hunter and Adam feel like family to me. A million thank yous for the meeet and greet. That is something I will always treasure and remember forever and ever in my heart. ❤️

… their music has gotten me through some difficult times recently … and AFI’s music helped my heart heal.
[ Aaron ]

The concert was the greatest concert I’ve ever seen by any band. AFI played two bonus songs for us that night, Davey sang Jack the Ripper and The Leaving Song Pt. 1 these songs weren’t originally on the set-list. Quite an incredible and phenomenal night!

AFI // The Gov, Adelaide // Photo by Aaron Halvorson, iPhone

I have to admit this AFI Australian trip has been a trip of a lifetime for me. I’m following my favorite band around the continent and I’m getting to make so many new friends at the concerts and get to see so many new places too via sightseeing! It’s been a tonne of fun and I’m having the time of my life! I love how AFI is switching up the set-lists every night at these concerts, every night they play something new and in a different order then the previous shows. I will always look back at this trip and say I’m proud and very thankful I came out for it because I love this band so very very much!

AFI // The Gov, Adelaide // Photo by Aaron Halvorson, iPhone

AFI // The Gov, Adelaide // Photo by Aaron Halvorson, iPhone

A HUGE thank you to you guys for making this possible! I cannot simply thank you enough for everything. I’m forever a fan of Hysteria Mag! You guys rock! Thank you for allowing me to meet my heroes and spend a special night with them! Means the world to me!


Aaron Halvorson
Spicer, Minnesota, USA

P.S. All photos taken with iPhone, stay tuned for show images from Perth.

AFI // The Gov, Adelaide // Photo by Aaron Halvorson, iPhone

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