PREMIERE: HIRAETH // Move Forward With ‘It’s Never Easy’

Canberra’s punk-hardcore upstarts Hiraeth are back with a new name and a new attitude, proud to release their latest video for single It’s Never Easy. (Watch below)

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The video was shot by Melbourne-based photographer and videographer Jordan Tan.

Formerly known as Lions Of The Underground, the band released their debut Oblivious EP in 2017.

Having a change of heart to suit a new style of music, they re-emerged as Hiraeth. According to the band, the name change felt right “on a deeper level, defining homesickness for a home that never was.”

Laying low for a few months while writing and recording, the band released Life In Retrospect  Not long after they took things to greater heights with second single It’s Never Easy.

The band says this track took them to a “deeper level individually, and as a band.”

As for the meaning behind it, they say “we’ve all got demons, we don’t need to fight them. Let’s use them to our advantage.”

Disclaimer: Jordan Tan is a contributor to Hysteria Media.

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