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PREMIERE: BRIDGE THE BORDER // Are Going ‘Places’ With New Single

Melbourne punk rockers Bridge The Border are helping everyone to Places, a tasty second slice of their upcoming EP, Congratulations, Everybody’s Gone due out 29th of June. Feed yourself below:

The EP was produced, mixed and mastered at Perception Studios by Christopher Vernon (Aburden, Set The Score, Better Half) Vernon also featured on previous single Congratulations.

Bridge The Border’s drummer and vocalist Darcy Handley co-wrote places, saying it’s a “weird sort of love song, dedicated to a future relationship. It feels like a fight, littered with anecdotes of past relationships mistakes, but the chorus reinforces a message of hope and perseverance. The lyrics in the bridge leave the story at a cliff hanger depending on how you perceive it, but the large instrumental ending can feel like the resolve of the fight or a bittersweet end to the relationship, with a melancholy piano phrase as the last lingering note.”

Bridge The Border have established a beachhead in the Melbourne scene, supporting Spotify mainstays Deez Nuts, Earth Caller, Ocean Sleeper, and Terra.

The EP also features a collaboration from Cassie Sutton of Terra.

Congratulations, Everybody’s Gone is available to pre-order now. Places will be available tomorrow, 15 June on Spotify and Apple Music.

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