THE AMITY AFFLICTION // Behind The Scenes ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Hysteria went behind the scenes at the music video for The Amity Affliction’s Pop Goes Punk Vol. 7 cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’.

Sprawled across hills are the imposing old buildings of Sunbury Lunatic Asylum. They’re filled with grim reminders of the horrors that used to befall patients. Through a crush of autumn leaves, a horde of zombies rush to what seems like an abandoned building. They beat the doors and windows as dead bodies lay around them. It’s a bright sunny day, but there’s an eerie atmosphere as Hysteria enter the asylum. Well, what used to be an asylum, then became a Victoria University campus, and has now been largely abandoned. No wonder The Amity Affliction have chosen it as the backdrop for their black humour take on The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face

Photos by Pees Lehamn @xpeesx

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