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Papa RoachWho Do You Trust?

Eleven Seven
18 January, 2019
Emotion-fuelled lyrics

Just under two years since their last release, 2017’s Crooked Teeth, American rock band Papa Roach are back at it again with their tenth studio album Who Do You Trust? and, in the usual Papa Roach way, the new record is able to mix old and new to give fans what they’ve grown accustomed to from the band.

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Spanning twelve tracks and just shy of forty minutes, Who Do You Trust? follows in a similar vein to Crooked Teeth, blending rock and rap that doesn’t quite reach Infest levels but certainly shows that vocalist Jacoby Shaddix can still pump out emotion-fuelled lyrics that are easy to move to.

With four singles released to date before the album drops, Papa Roach definitely started strong, releasing some of the best songs early to garner hype for their tenth album.

That’s not to say the other eight songs are bad, in fact there’s a good mix on the album overall covering multiple genres Papa Roach has experimented with before, focusing on their signature rock and rap sound but also including a more pop sound for the album’s slower songs.

Papa Roach know how to entertain and that continues to show on their tenth album.

Aside from tenth track I Suffer Well, which shows an old heaviness from the band and could have benefitted from being a full-length track and eleventh track Maniac however, there isn’t anything as memorable as Renegade Music or the album’s title track.

Papa Roach seem to have played it safe with this album which, depending on your view of recent releases from the band, will either be a good or bad thing. A number of the new tracks would have slotted in nicely on Crooked Teeth and considering the close releases of the two albums, it’s not hard to imagine some of these newer songs could have originally been intended for the 2017 release.

Having said that, Papa Roach know how to entertain and that continues to show on their tenth album. Catchy choruses’ fans will undoubtedly singalong to at live shows or in the car and loud guitar riffs that make you want to jump are mixed with slower songs reminiscent of 2017’s Periscope or Sunrise Trailer Park.

Ten albums in, Papa Roach know the routine by now and with the success of Crooked Teeth they undoubtedly wanted to continue the trend that album set. It works on Who Do You Trust? and overall this is an album worth checking out but the band doesn’t want to settle into a comfort zone when they have a catalogue of albums that show how well Papa Roach push experimentation with every release.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Renegade MusicWho Do You Trust?I Suffer WellManiac
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