Of Mice & MenDefy

Rise Records
19 January, 2018
Emotive, creative, sensual and true

In what could likely be the definitive release of their careers, Of Mice & Men stand true to the name of their fifth studio album, Defy. In defiance of the boundaries of music, the metalcore Californians break parameters with lush melodies and relatable tales.

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Bassist Aaron Pauley is sensational in his additional role as the band’s new vocalist, with a soaring tone his lyrics are relatable and real. In Back To Me Pauley wrenches at the heart as the guitar riffs grind up the gears toward aggressive and passionate vocals in the chorus. Vertigo has a similar effect and rolls in a motion like you’ve never felt. Not quite like the unsure footing of being drunk on a boat, but it does have the capability to lift you up and transport you to some other plain of existence, some other place of thought and feeling. When music has been written well enough to cause the sensation it claims in its name, you know you’re onto a winner. Winner’s are what the genre need right now and Of Mice & Men deliver.

It’s a rush of blood to every extremity to hear this release, and Of Mice & Men surely surpass anything they’ve released before. Emotive, creative, sensual and true, Defy redefines the genre and the band.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Vertigo, Defy, Back To Me
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