HELLIONS // Announce New Album ‘Rue’ + Drop ‘Smile’

Sydney’s heart-captivating punks Hellions have announced an 19 October release date for fourth album Rue, dropping single Smile as a celebratory teaser. Listen below:

The album will be released via UNFD. It follows up the critical and fan smash Opera Oblivia, which this humble rag gave a perfect score back in 2016.

As for the details behind Rue, there is a statement from drummer Anthony Caruso and guitarist/vocalist Matt Gravolin:

“The world as we know it wants to be entertained interminably, and now our entertainment often comes at the expense of our compassion. We’ve all found ourselves speaking in blue, snide language about trivial matters that aren’t of any real consequence to us, asserting invalid opinions for the sake of having our voices heard.

“Cheap stimulation is addictive and judgemental thinking can take over involuntarily when so much of our mental space is surrendered to it. We seem to be stuck here despite knowing that this thinking and behaviour isn’t conducive to any lasting happiness.”

Rue also includes X (Mwah), which was first heard at UNIFY Gathering 2018 in January.

Pre-orders are available now.

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