ZeoliteSermones Mortis

7 February, 2018
Chaotic, colossal, heavy and dark

If ever you thought about upgrading your alarm clock to something that’s gonna make you jump out of bed on a Monday morning, if ever you needed a cure for an epic hangover, or if ever you wanted to self-induce whiplash with some windmilling of your fine locks, look no further than Sermones Mortis, the new album from Melbourne metallers Zeolite.

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The word zeolite comes from the Greek zeo (to boil) and lithos (stone) and boil some stones Zeolite surely do. A fiery rage courses across beaten down riffs, molten and gritty. Zeolite leave skid marks in your ears as they tick all the boxes for death metal requirements–chaotic, colossal, heavy, dark yet refined. The real gem of this EP, however, is in the production.

Where many releases in the same bracket as Sermones Mortis often lose clarity among various elements of the genre, Zeolite have managed to create a refined sound, grooving through their unique brand of tech metal and with some personal reinvention, they’ve certainly made up for the pregnant silence they’ve induced on fans of late.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Malignant, Reticent, Ruination
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