BODY COUNT // The Hardest Noise Yet: Ice-T brings the Bloodlust to Australia

Body Count Ice-T on Hard Noise

25 years ago, the worlds of hip-hop and metal collided with unbridled power.

The release of Cop Killer had wowsers, parents and politicians united in shock as they proudly dropped truth bombs on a populace that wanted them silenced—or even killed. Even then President George H. W. Bush condemned their record company for releasing it. There went the neighbourhood.

I have the right to make [Cop Killer] because the cops are killing my people. So fuck the First Amendment, let’s deal with the fact that I have the right to make it.
[ Ice-T in 1992 ]

Now with the release of Bloodlust, T and long-time conspirator Ernie C are ready to stand up and declare that No Lives Matter. Hard Noise with CJ + Sam spend time with the Ice Man himself and talk about all the subjects that both sides of politics would rather sweep under the rug.

Heavy music is for heavy people and I don’t think most people are heavy. I think most people are pop, you know. Most people would prefer just to go along and pretend like nothing’s going on in the world—I call it delusional—like they would rather just deny the issues and they look to music as an escape and there is nothing really wrong with that, you know, where as heavy metal people and hardcore rap people they kind of like to use the music as a voice, to break down the issues and a way to vent.
[ Ice-T ]

Listen to a snippet here!

No holds barred, one-in-the-chamber, 100% real talk. Actor, activist and lyrical weapon: This is ICE-T on Hysteria’s Hard Noise.


Body Count in the house—live and uncensored!

If you want to feel the raw power of Body Count in person, you have to get to their Bloodlust tour. For the first time in 22 years, Body Count are set to blow up on stage yet again!
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Thursday 1 June // Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane
Friday 2 June // Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
Saturday 3 June // Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

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Bloodlust Album Review

Ice and the BC crew are tired, pissed off and an inch away from going postal on y’all. It’s exactly what makes Body Count an unstoppable force.

It might be a generational thing, but the blunt force trauma of Body Count doesn’t make a dent in the younger folk. They don’t remember the moral panic of Cop Killer and how we relished in buying it to piss our parents off. Instead they see main man Ice-T as a series of doddering rent-a-detective memes, decrying the latest (dumbass) teenage street high. Ice-T is, and always will be, OG. The fact he broke ranks with hip-hop’s mainstream and shotgun married it to thrash metal is badass. Bloodlust is the big, bad, brutish rap-metal we remember BC for, especially in tracks like The Ski Mask Way and a gangbanging, machine-gun blasting This Is Why We Ride. Ice even gives a primer to BC in Raining In Blood, explaining the origins of the band and history with co-conspirator Ernie C (See kids? Shit’s real). Thrashing through hardcore styled Walk With Me and political polemic No Lives Matter, the fire is burning and it’s out of control. Yeah, maybe throwdown cuts like Black Hoodie are begging to be WWE superstar themes … and what of it?

Ice and the BC crew are tired, pissed off and an inch away from going postal on y’all. It’s exactly what makes Body Count an unstoppable force.

STANDOUT TRACKS: This Is Why We Ride, No Lives Matter, The Ski Mask Way
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Stuck Mojo, Cypress Hill, Suicidal Tendencies


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