bloom hysteria
bloom hysteria

BloomMaybe In Another Life

Greyscale Records/Pure Noise Records
16th February, 2024
Screaming, Crying, Throwing Up!

Vibes? Punky beats? Epic guitars? Soaringly sweet vocals? Find the entire smorgasbord and more on Bloom’s emotive debut album, Maybe In Another Life. 

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From the 1-minute opener, An Entry until the final track, Through The Threshold, Beyond The Bend, the five-piece obliterate the senses from every direction in their delivery of the ten-track tale of longing, self-indulgence, fantasy, manipulation and despair.

neck deep hysteria

One of the first things noticeable on the record is the insane production from Christopher Vernon (Better Half, Belle Haven, Future Static) on potentially one of his best records to date. Between Vernon and the band, it’s clear a lot of time and energy has gone into perfecting each track. From the bass and guitar moments that peek through the noise to the space and sparkle within the whole mix, Maybe In Another Life is sonically striking.

Track two – the title track – is a classic post-hardcore number that captivates from the get-go with screamy verses and big inspired half-time choruses. Many of the tracks lean towards the shorter side which makes them all killer, no filler and Siren Song, Bound To Your Whispers and Carve Yourself Into My Lungs carry the album forward in the blink of an eye. The dual vocals of Jono Hawkey and Jarod Mclaren (also on guitar) seem to meld into one super-vocal interchanging parts creating warmth with harmonies and additional emotion with complimentary cleans and uncleans throughout.

Bloom have put absolutely everything they’ve got on the table of this record and successfully delivered a dynamic debut album.

Fragments Of A Dream contains everything you’d want on a slower, ballad-y number. Soaring vocals, guitar solo, complete with harmonies and even an acoustic section. It’s a great contrast with the fast-paced more aggressive hardcore number, Laughing Stock. If played live, back-to-back, this duo of songs will have you getting your lighters out before starting a raging fire in the pit.

Drummer Jack Van Vliet shines on An Exit driving the song whilst tastefully showcasing his skills – But the band isn’t done yet. Through The Threshold, Beyond The Bend will have audiences belting along in the chorus, “I gave up everything for this!” Before catching their breath as the piano outro fades. Short and sharp, Bloom have put absolutely everything they’ve got on the table of this record and successfully delivered a dynamic debut album.

Catch Bloom at the following dates:

Tue 20th Feb // UNIT // Tokyo
Wed 21st Feb // Yogibo Meta Valley // Osaka

Wed 13th March // Sooki Lounge // Belgrave

Tickets here.

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