ANTI-FLAG // Get Raw with a ‘Direct To Vinyl’ Release For Charity

American punk rock dissidents Anti-Flag have announced the release of a special ‘direct to vinyl’ release entitled Live and Acoustic in Vienna, with all proceeds from digital sales being donated directly to Amnesty International. Stream it below right now!

Recorded while on tour in Vienna in October 2015, the release features a bunch of stripped back, bona-fide Anti-Flag bangers, from across their politically-charged catalogue spanning an impressive 24-year tenure. Sporting six songs in total (five Anti-Flag classics and a tasty Ramones cover), all tracks were recorded at Supersense Wien, a one-of-a-kind analog ‘direct to vinyl’ studio, and mixed/mastered by engineer Matthias Lohmöller.

In explaining the meaning behind the recording process and the full release concept, Anti-Flag’s eponymously titled bass player, Chris #2, had this to say:

“When you’ve been a band as long as Anti-Flag has it’s hard to find not only new things to do, but really exciting things to do. To be allowed to have a group of punks invade Supersense in Vienna, which is essentially a museum to vintage recording and musical equipment was an amazing privilege. These songs are one take. Recorded direct to vinyl. There is only 1 copy of that piece of wax, the digital version of these songs are ripped right from that record. 1 take. 1 record. All proceeds going to Amnesty International. It doesn’t get more punk rock than that. Thanks to all involved, buy the tracks, they’re really special versions of these songs and for a really important cause. Peace!”

Fans can go in the running to win the unique (one of a kind) recording on vinyl, by following the steps below:

  • Buy the record (on iTunes, Bandcamp or AmazonMP3) before July 31st 2016
  • Forward the buying-receipt/confirmation to: antiflag@uncle-m.com
  • One person will be selected at random to win the One-of-a-Kind vinyl record
  • Buying the record multiple times will raise your chance to win the vinyl recording!

All proceeds from digital sales of the release will be donated to Amnesty International. Have a read of our review for Live and Acoustic in Vienna below:

ANTI-FLAG – Live and Acoustic in Vienna REVIEW

Vinyl might be an unfortunate buzz-word that sets off that hipster mate of yours (admit it, you know you have one), but it shouldn’t be. Vinyl sales have been steadily increasing every year and with good reason: shit just sounds better. Pittsburgh punks Anti-Flag understand this vital concept, and that’s why they’re keeping things raw and unplugged on charity release Live and Acoustic in Vienna.

The band kicks things off with frantic guitar strumming and the rapid-fire vocal delivery of The Press Corpse, a track off their now-infamous and decade-old record For Blood And Empire, which manages to retain the gut-wrenching impact it had back in the good ol’ days of the George Dubya White House. The fragile intimacy of the Supersense Wien studio seeps straight through on these tracks, and the analog ‘direct to vinyl’ sound beautifully captures all of the minor imperfections and fluctuations in tone and timbre that make a live gig sound so raw and personal.

A tasteful rendition of the classic Ramones track The KKK Took My Baby Away (replete with “Hey-Ho” chants), is rendered with a new sense of poignancy, especially given America’s recent troubles with race relations. While newer tracks like Brandenburg Gate and Set Yourself On Fire from last year’s American Spring pop up amongst some playful in between song banter. Finishing up with rousing versions of fan favourites Turncoat and This Is The End, Anti-Flag effectively simmer down their normally blistering live-show, into a powerful and sombre collection of acoustic performances. Nicely done gents.

Standout Tracks: The Press Corpse, Turncoat, This Is The End

For Fans of: The Menzingers, Rise Against, Crime In Stereo

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