Dear SeattleDear Seattle

July 14, 2017
Surf Punk Fuzzy Melodies

Dear Seattle’s new sound has propelled them into the limelight. These four down to earth, fun loving boys have dazzled live shows and captivated adoring audiences wherever they’ve gone. Now, on the back of their growing buzz the band has released an awesome EP that the people have been longing for.

Starting off with a fuzzy indie-rock ballad, The Things You Do,  singles out a major theme of a romantic break up, pinpointing the spiteful acts an ex lover did to crush you. The song sets the tune for the rest of the album as it starts and finishes with that paradigmatic Dear Seattle sound. The emotional yells at the end of the track carry you onto the most tenderly slurred track of the album, Cut You Deep. The slowest and most melodic track of the EP, this song is as catchy as it is relatable. The pure honesty in the lyrics and the way it’s vocals yell at you, causes the song to latch onto your heart. The Meadows, Dear Seattle’s original hit single that grabbed the attention of triple j, cranks the volume back up to a 100 with its almighty ruthless punk breakdowns. This third track holds employs a  thrilling live viewing. The album then slows as it speaks of friendship, beers, coming to terms with decisions and apologies mirrored with indie melodies and fuzzy riffs. The bookend, their spearheading single Afterthought rounds out the album enticingly This gripping see-saw love ballad is the perfect balance of slow melodies and surf punk breakdowns that is reminiscent of both a break up and this record in its entirety. They leave us begging for more, play, after play, after play.

STANDOUT TRACKS: The Meadows, Afterthought, Cut You Deep
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Violent Soho, Sonic Youth, Joyce Manor


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