A DAY TO REMEMBER // Announce ‘Bad Vibes’ Tour with Of Mice & Men

After teasing the release of their upcoming record Bad Vibrations, and dropping a fit-inducing video for the blistering title track, Florida hardcore popstars A Day To Remember are set to return Down Under in December for a headline run on the ‘Bad Vibes’ tour.

Playing a swath of arena venues, these shows will mark a full 12 months since A Day To Remember’s previous run of Australian shows, as co-headliner’s on the epic BIG ASS TOUR with local heroes The Amity Affliction, which levelled arenas around the country last summer. The national tour will also see the band coming off a massive string of dates across the U.S. and Canada, as direct supports for their idols in seminal pop-punk outfit Blink-182.

To record Bad Vibrations, A Day To Remember (vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Kevin Skaff and Neil Westfall, bassist Joshua Woodard and drummer Alex Shelnutt) bunkered down for three months with legendary producers Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) and Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX), with mixing helmed by Grammy winner Andy Wallace (Foo Fighters, Slayer). The group’s sixth studio album will be released on their own ADTR Records with distribution by Epitaph, and is the follow-up to 2013’s Common Courtesy.

Along for the ride will be LA based, alternative metal stalwarts Of Mice & Men, supporting forthcoming studio record, Cold World, due out 9 September through Rise Records/Warner Music. The band previously toured the country as Soundwave festival alumni in 2013 and 2015, and their previous album Restoring Force, debuted at #9 on the ARIA chart, reached No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, and No. 1 on both the Billboard Top Independent and Top Rock Album Charts.

Tickets for the Bad Vibes tour will go on sale at 9am on Tuesday July 12th. For complete tour and ticketing details, visit: livenation.com.au.

Telstra Thanks is bringing a 48-hour pre-sale just for Telstra customers from 9am Wednesday, July 6th until 9am Friday, July 8th. For more information on how to purchase, visit: telstra.com/music.


With such a heavy pairing on the summer horizon, we here at Hysteria thought it only prudent to put together a tried-and-true list of sure-fire bangers from ADTR and Of Mice & Men, which are sure to ignite the pit and send off 2016 in style.



The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

It’s unlikely that Ron Jeremy will be making an on-stage cameo for this certified banger from For Those Who Have Heart, but as soon as that lead riff rings out across the crowd, fans everywhere will be clamouring all over each other, all too eager to “LET GOOOOOO!”

Mr Highway’s Thinking About The End

DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Go on, you heard the man. We insist.

Bad Vibrations

When Jeremy McKinnon screams out ‘TOXIC!’ in the mid-song build-up, he’s definitely not trying to channel Britney Spears. Instead, ADTR want everyone to remember their glory days, and revel in a good ol’ mid-2000’s metalcore breakdown. And trust us, the pit will be all too happy to oblige.

2nd Sucks

One of ADTR’S heaviest cuts, this track cracks off with a compulsory Street Fighter sample, before delivering a roundhouse kick that puts you on the mat with a two-and-a-half minute sonic beatdown. Dudebro’s will pit to the death and if you mop up after them, you might even score some loose merch. Victory!

The Downfall Of Us All

It’s ADTR at their best and most ubiquitous—the watershed moment of pop punk and metalcore fusion. Who would have thought that an a cappella chant, synced to your opening riff, would be so tantalizingly effective? Well it is, and thousands of fans have been screaming that shit right back at them for years.



Bones Exposed

Listen to that opening riff, and try to deny the involuntary headbang impulse that cascades down your neck. You can’t. The cleans in the chorus will give you time for a quick breather, before the huge build-up in the bridge, and people start air-guitaring like they’re playing Rock Band at home.


This pissed-off rager ticks all the heavy music boxes. Bloodcurdling screams? Check. Super-charged headbang worthy riffs? Check. Spoken mid-range, nu metal aping vocals? Check. Great, now all they need is a staccato breakdown worthy of an Eighteen Visions comparison…. Oh, wait.

Would You Still Be There

This one’s a bet of a belter and sure to pump up the push-mosh enthusiasts in the crowd. Also, keep an eye out for people singing ‘If I could fuck the words…’ Mis-heard lyrics aside, the fans will definitely still be there when this one goes off.

The Depths

It almost sounds like a really apprehensive siren is going off in the background at the start of this track, which is usually something that signals things like, you know, danger and warning and impending doom. And by the time that massive drop arrives, the pit is going to look like a disaster area anyway. Remember what Adele said people: roll deep.

Second and Sebring

Will the band dare to go all the way back to their self-titled, debut record? Probably not. But if they did, it’d be one hell of a time. It might even make a bunch of crab-core diehards scuttle out and about for some wilfully ignorant, chug-tastic good times—complete with side fringes, fluoro-tees and Myspace profiles.


With special guests Of Mice & Men

10 December – Red Hill Auditorium – Perth

13 December – AEC Theatre – Adelaide

14 December – Festival Hall – Melbourne

16 December – Hordern Pavilion – Sydney

18 December – Riverstage – Brisbane

All shows LIC/AA


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