sylosis hysteria
sylosis hysteria

SylosisCycle Of Suffering

Nuclear Blast
7th February, 2020
Welcome Back, Sylosis!

Cycle Of Suffering is the fifth album from British extreme metallers Sylosis. This is Sylosis’ return-from-hiatus album and they’ve come back in full force.

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From its explosive, ruggedly textured and complicatedly layered opening track Empty Prophets, it’s clear we’re in for experiencing the full impact of Sylosis’ renewed energy. And indeed, the intensity on Cycle Of Suffering never lets up.

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Sylosis’ sound has generally been located at a curious confluence of thrash, melodeath and metalcore. Of the last point, however, there is very little left, excepting the metalcore-inspired ‘internal turmoil’ themes and a handful of moments in tracks like Invidia. Even here, the melodic chorus and wild breakdowns are barely recognisable from their metalcore garden-of-origin, and are set amongst a brooding piano intro and cosmically twinkling extended guitar solos.

… it’s clear that Cycle Of Suffering has transcended Sylosis from a strong, technical and engaging band into a ferociously dark and forceful beast.

And guitar solos are certainly in abundance on Cycle Of Suffering. They’re everywhere; intricate, powerful, and diverse, particularly on tracks like the visceral and foreboding single I Sever and the disturbingly immersive track Calcified. More classic thrash influences come through on the title track and Shield, while haunting atmospheric tendencies and soul-searing guitar solos make Idle Hands one of the most profound tracks on the album.

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Closing in sombre tones with Abandon, it’s clear that Cycle Of Suffering has transcended Sylosis from a strong, technical and engaging band into a ferociously dark and forceful beast. It has all the bite and energy of thrash metal, the unnerving relatability of metalcore, bound together with the prolific melodic terrain and infernal sonic density of melodeath. In short, Cycle Of Suffering is exactly what premium modern metal sounds like.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Empty Prophets, I Sever, Idle Hands
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Jetboys Brisbane 21st February 2020

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